Assistive Tech for Asbo Avoidance

asbo graffiti

So then . . . The other day I was talking about the glove project with my friend Rose, and I rhetorically asked what the hell this kind of low-fi, large-format drawing setup would be good for. Rose’s answer was immediate: graffiti.


So then, what we need is just a limited palette of Krylon spray paints, and a couple of brush types—say, a fat marker and three sizes of spray patterns. And then, when I asked my perpetual question of “What are the other fingers doing?,” Diego had this brilliant idea: the number of fingers you’re using determines the brush size. Index finger for the marker; index and middle for a small spray nozzle; index, middle, and ring for a medium spray; and all four fingers for the biggest spray—what you’d use to fill. That’s a pretty intuitive mapping. We wouldn’t need to track motion on all the fingers, just whether they’re flexed or not. And we could use an accelerometer to register wrist tilts, somewhat like the Rock ‘n’ Scroll, to cycle through the color palette.

The thumb would remain an on/off switch.

We could have different backgrounds to paint on, like brick walls, subway cars, trucks.


This idea is, in fact, so cool that it has already been done.

Developing . . .

Photo: ASBO by rubberdreamfeet / David Hayward. Some rights reserved.

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