Digital Graffiti Glove: Documentation

Above is the PowerPoint slideshow that Diego made for our in-class presentation. There is also copious supporting material at the following locations:

  • Photos, with lots of chatty comments
  • Videos, interspersed with kittenage
  • Arduino code
  • Processing code
    • colors_highlight_new_swatch – this is the color palette module. It reads a text file containing all the colors in the appropriate Krylon spraypaint line and outputs them as a grid of colored squares. The active swatch and rolled-over ones are highlighted with colored borders. It’s glitchy, as you can see if you look in the upper left corner, but basically it works.
    • spraycans – I would like to make my own set of brushes, based on Diego’s, that are all the same style but in different sizes. These would then be mapped to the number of fingers being held up, with more fingers triggering a bigger spray cone. This would make it easier for users to get predictable, slightly repeatable results. Toward that end, I made a spraycan object whose spray cone, label number (for the size), and can color (for the paint) are variable. Epileptics should probably not view this sketch.
    • Main application – The “final” in “final_application_4” refers to the this being our final project for the semester, not to the code itself actually being final. For, verily, it is not. This is the wrapper into which all the other modules will eventually be rolled. It’s a whole lot of nested if statements and functions. This program doesn’t run unless the glove is plugged in; I should fix that, to make it easier to check code while programming.

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