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Baby steps

grid of 61 colored squares

This is the second smidgen of the code for our final project. It pulls RGB values and color names from a tab-delimited text file (which is, itself, based on the actual Krylon color options) and outputs this grid of swatches. The swatches don’t do anything yet—just drawing them took me, like, two days, thank you very much, and that was with some very helpful help from Shawn. Partly this is because I apparently can’t keep in my head for more than thirty seconds how arrays and objects work, and partly it’s because I just. can’t. focus. And partly it’s because I apparently have no idea what the fuck I’m doing.

I’m beginning to really like Diego’s Plan B, as proposed over the weekend:

Fake our own deaths.

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I completely spaced the ICM homework last week, which is sad, because it involved a language I actually have some experience with: PHP. I know just enough about it to fiddle with WordPress templates—and once, in 2002 or so, I spent a few days trying to rebuild the ColdFusion-backed in PHP, just for kicks.

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