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ITPindia is where I’ll be stowing my notes, impressions, and bitchings about graduate school. It’s called “ITPindia” because I’m attending ITP, and because one of my (many, many) childhood nicknames was “India Pindia.” Hence.

I’m a native New Yorker and grew up less than ten blocks from NYU. My brother and I used to play in Washington Square Park, and I received my first solicitation to buy illegal drugs at a Carvel ice cream shop that used to be just south of the park. A guy held out a chunk of hash on a napkin, saying, “Hash? Hash?” I was about seven.

My most recent so-called background is in nonprofit arts administration, Web development, and graphic design (mostly of book interiors). I blog about work stuff at India, Ink. I was an English major at Williams College, with a women’s studies minor. For high school, I went to Stuyvesant, where I learned to fill in little circles with a No. 2 pencil.

You can find more blathery bios of me at India, Ink., and Clusterflock (a group blog where I sometimes hang out).

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