Baby’s first Processing applets


sewing machine

In our first ICM class, we had to make a drawing using no more than five simple shapes—lines, rectangles, ellipses, triangles.

sewing machine sketch

Then we traded drawings, and each of us had to write instructions for how to draw the drawing we got.

The beginning of a program

Then we traded instructions, and each of us had to try to recreate another person’s drawing based on a third person’s written directions.

Programmed circle

Then, for homework, we had to draw our own drawings again in Processing.

very abstract drawing of a sewing machine
From the drawing I did during class. It occurs to me, looking at this now, that my sewing machine lacks a needle. Details, details.


For the second part of the homework, we were supposed to do a new drawing, presumably a bit more complex than the first. My initial idea was complex mainly because it has a lot of lines, but I was also feeling pretty slick about those curves at the armholes, pleats, and hem.

dress sketch

In the event, however . . .

Processing sketch of a dress pattern diagram

Gaah! Trigonometry! I had to give up on some of the arcs I wanted to draw, because I couldn’t remember how to do the math if my life depended on it. (This is supposed to be Burda pattern 7953, for the record.)

Update: After seeing Asli’s use of them in class, I realize I should have done the arcs with Bezier curves; much more manageable.

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