PHP 101

Hello World

My homework for the first week of Dynamic Web Development is over here: Hello, World. I reused the CSS from CommLab week 1 and made absolutely no modifications to the “hello, world” PHP from the instructions. So, sue me. I think the point was to make sure we all know how to upload files and have got our permissions set up correctly.

One thing I did not copy from the instructions we got in class was the fucked-up sample HTML, which was something like this:

<b>One paragraph</b>
Another paragraph
Third paragraph

What is with ITP teachers and lazy-ass HTML? Spencer did the same thing, using <p> tags to “put a little space between” stuff. Guys. Guys. Guys. Ever heard the term well-formed? Ever heard the term semantic? HTML is so fucking not difficult; why not just do it correctly instead of teaching a roomful of people shitty habits?

Photo: “Hello World” by Mark Emery Photography; some rights reserved.

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