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The Project That Would Not Die

Vesalius spread

Hallowe’en is coming, which must be why the Bookalator has been stirring again, gathering its strength to once more stalk the earth.

Back in May, I made a summer “to do” list which was long enough to keep me busy for the next ten years. Among the proposed tasks was “finishing” the perpetually stalled Bookalator project. I then, of course, proceeded to spend the next three months mostly sitting around feeling bad about not doing stuff. But the constant demand for Ideas, Ideas, Ideas, and my constant lack of same, has made spring’s doleful mess look like fall’s Golden Ticket.
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For week 2 of Understanding Networks, a newly created class that keeps shifting between abstraction and application, leaving me sadly uncertain as to whether I understand what Tom’s talking about at any given moment, our terrifying assignment was as follows:

Socket exercise: communicating in realtime. I will give you a game platform and the protocols to log in and communicate with it. Make a client to log in and play. Work in Processing, Flash, Arduino or whatever environment is comfortable to you. You will not play with your own client, but you’ll show someone else how to use it.

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